Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

From academic year 2019-20 SPPU has accepted CBCS for its undergraduate courses – B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.Sc. Computer Science and B.B.A.(CA).

Under this system, instead of marks and percentages students will receive Grade and ‘Credits’ after passing examination.

For example:

  • Instead of 60% marks now students will receive Grade ‘A’.
  • Instead of 75% marks now students will receive Grade ‘A+’. And so on.

Each ‘Paper’ will have credits assigned to it.

For example:

  • A paper of 100 marks will have 3 or 4 credits.
  • A paper of 50 marks will have 2 credits.

If a student passes the paper he will receive the credits. The student has complete 132 credits in 3 years.

  • Number of Credits required to complete a course over 3 years: 132
  • Additional Credits required:  8 (to be completed over 6 semesters).

The duration of course will be 3 years. Each year will have 2 semesters. Therefore, student has complete 6 semesters and total 140 credits.

There will be examination at the end of each semester.

Examination System

There will be 70-30 pattern. Out of 100: 70 marks will be based on end of semester examination conducted by the university. And 30 marks will be based on continuous internal assessment conducted by the subject teachers.

It is necessary to get 40% marks to pass in each external and internal examination separately.

That means, to pass student must get

  • 28 Marks out of 70
  • 12 Marks out of 30.

In case the paper is of 50 Marks then pattern will be 35:15.

  • 14 Marks out of 35 (External)
  • 6 Marks out of 15 (Internal)

Each subject has generally 3/4 credits:

ATKT Rules:

  • The student must complete 70% credits to be allowed to keep term.
  • Going to Second Year from First, Student must complete 70% credits of first year.
  • Going to Third Year from Second, Student must complete 70% credits of Second year.
  • For admission to third year, student must have passed all subjects of first year.

Term Duration allotted for teaching

  • One Credit is equivalent to 15 hours.
  • If a subject has 3 credits, it requires 45 hours of teaching.
  • Each semester there is 15 weeks of teacher-student interaction.
  • The 15 week is divided into 12 weeks teaching and 3 weeks for continuous assessment including preparation time to students during the semester (for theory course).
  • However, the 15 week is divided into 14 weeks laboratory teaching and 1 week for continuous assessment in terms of evaluation / viva’s / Journal certification during the semester (for practical course).