B.Sc. Programme Outcomes

Special Subject: Chemistry

  1. To provide in-depth knowledge of scientific and technological aspects of Chemistry .
  2. To familiarize with current and recent developments in Chemistry
  3. To enrich knowledge through activities such as industrial visits, projects etc.
  4. To train students in skills related to Chemistry for academic and industrial requirement.
  5. To create foundation for research and development in Chemistry
  6. To develop analytical abilities for independent thinking
  7. To help students build-up a successful career in Chemistry

Special Subject: Microbiology

  1. To enrich students’ knowledge and train them in the pure microbial sciences .
  2.  To introduce the concepts of application and research in Microbiology.
  3.  To inculcate sense of scientific responsibilities and social and environment awareness.
  4. To help students build-up a progressive and successful career