Best Practices II

Title of the Practice: Empowering the Girls Students from rural area with Academic Services and Facilities


  1. To enable the girls to pursue higher studies, because in rural area often the higher studies of girls are curtailed due to various social and economical reasons.
  2. To empower girls from rural area through skill based education so that they can find employment.
  3. Provide academic facilities for girls
  4. Provide an environment for the girl student where they can flourish.


Uruli Kanchan is a village surrounded by other smaller villages. It is a central marketplace for the surrounding area. This area is in transition. It is basically very rural but it is trying to become urban. Uruli Kanchan is located near Pune City and has good connectivity and transport to the city. But the parents from this area are reluctant to send their girl child to the city for higher studies.

Today there are many avenues for development of students like finding employment in the industries around Pune, finding employment in IT industry around Pune, go for Competitive Examinations and so on. However, girls are deprived of these opportunities due to social and economic constraints.

The vision and mission of Mahatma Gandhi Sarvodaya Sangh is to be the enabler of rural population. Hence, it becomes a duty of the college to focus on girls and provide every facility to the girls.

The Practice

The parent organization of the college started the Department of Microbiology in the college right from its inception keeping in mind the girl students. Professional courses like B.Sc. Computer Science and B.B.A. Computer Applications were started in the years 2008 and 2009 keeping in mind the girl students. If we go through the rolls of these two classes, we can find the percentage of enrollment of girls to total enrollment is more than 90 %.

In addition to this, the institution offers a wide range of support services to assist girls with any problems they may face, including those of an academic or personal nature.  

The college has made available strong infrastructure for academic activities.

Libraries and computer labs

Our college provides all textbooks to girl students and reference books of relevant subjects. Library and reading room are separate for girl students. In our library there are varieties of book likes competitive exam books, spiritual books, novels, etc.

Careers guidance

Competitive Examination Guidance and Placement Cell provides counseling and guidance to girl students who are unsure of what field they want to enter after graduation and need some guidance choosing subjects, as well as final-year students looking for their first job.

They also provide advice and assistance to students seeking part-time work or work experience during their course

Study skills unit

This college gives girls students advice on everything about academic, from tips for taking notes during lectures and researching effectively to referencing correctly and producing high-quality assignments.

Course-specific facilities

In college campus we organize special facilities for girls to checking out the interested field in future career in higher education or business as per demand, skills and resources available.

Computer labs

Computer labs are available for girls students and we gives basic and advanced computer knowledge for all faculty girls students.

Peer support and tutoring programs

Adjusting to student life for rural girls is not always easy, so it is worth looking out for peer support and mentoring programs at our college.


College leady teachers can give advice to students struggling with their studies, relationships or problems at home as well as physically and mentally problems encountered.

Mentor Mentee Program

The college has an active Mentor-Mentee program. In this activity, students (mentees) are assigned a Teacher as a Mentor. The mentor acts as a Friend, Philosopher and Guide to the student. This practice is very helpful in developing the girl students.  


To committees on campus strive for girl students’ rights and politics and offer interested students the chance to take a role in student leadership cultural events, career advice and representation in society.

Financial support

We suggest and guide students to obtain student loans through the bank.

Student health clinic

On-campus can provide first-aid treatment and information and referrals on general medical. College also provide lady medical officer.

Sports facilities

College provide advanced gym facilities and indoor games, out door games, as well as trained coach to support and make interest in sport career for rural girls.

Women’s rooms

In our college sets aside spaces for girls students to relax and socialize in an environment free of judgment, mentally and physically harassment or discrimination.

Security and Safety on Campus

Problems Encountered

  1. Due to social and economic reasons, the parents are reluctant to give an opportunity to the girls of going for higher studies.
  2. It is not easy to instill the values of gender equality in the students coming from rural / semi-urban background.    

Evidence of Success

The success of the practice is evident in

  1. High percentage of enrollment of girl students
  2. High Percentage of Girls Topping in the examinations
  3. Number of girls pursuing Post Graduation.
  4. Number of girls finding employment
  5. High percentage of girls completing their education and becoming an asset for the society.