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Master of Commerce (M.Com.) Semester Pattern with Credit System

Objectives :

a. To equip and train Post Graduate students to accept the challenges of business world by providing opportunities for study and analysis of advanced commercial and business methods and processes.

b. To develop independent logical thinking and facilitate personality development.

c. To equip the students to seek suitable careers in management and


d. To acquaint students with significance of research in business.

e. To impart skills regarding methods of data collection and their interpretations.

f. To develop communication and analytical skills among students.

Duration :

The M.Com. Course will be of Two Years duration consisting of two part. I.e. Part I and Part II. Each part is having Two Semesters.

Thus, the M.Com. Course is of Four Semesters. For each Semester, there will be Four Papers of 100 marks each. M.Com. Degree will be of 1600 marks in aggregate.

Duration and Structure of Programme:

The M.Com (Semester pattern with Credit System) degree Programme shall be of 2 years’ duration divided into two parts, Part I and Part II, and 4 semesters.

Eligibility :

The student who has passed any Bachelors degree of this University or any other recognized University shall be held eligible to be admitted to M.Com. Course.

Course Structure:

The M.Com. degree course will be of two year duration consisting of four semesters and of minimum 64 credits